TOP 5 best shoes for men 2019

5 Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Playa Sneakers

Although these shoes look like standard sneakers, they’re equipped with closed-cell resin that is odor-resistant and provides superior grip to other tennis shoes. These shoes have a canvas upper that protects the wearer’s feet from the elements but is lightweight. They also have a low top and are designed in a lace-up loafer style. Designed in an easy to lace-up style and with a Croslite sole that provides comfort as well as a little bit of bounce. And finally, these shoes can be purchased in a variety of different colors including light grey, black or khaki, so there’s a color to match anyone’s wardrobe.

4 New Balance Men’s Cruz V2 Running Shoe

Comfort is taken to a whole other level thanks to these running shoes from New Balance. They’re designed with a synthetic sole and a molded foam comfort heel that makes the runner feel like they’re running on a cloud. It also has 2-way stretch, a flat knit upper panel and soft foam that’s light and comfortable. This shoe comes in a variety of different sizes ranging from a 7 size shoe all the way to a size 14 and comes in a number of different color styles. It can be purchased in white, black, hemp, grey, red, urban grey and shale.

3 Under Armour Men’s Street Encounter

Available in sizes from a size 7 all the way to a size 14, there’s a shoe size of this brand for just about every guy. And since they are also sold in a number of exciting colors, these shoes will also fit seamless in with anyone’s wardrobe. Some of the colors these shoes can be bought in include black, teal, khaki, steel, black, green, and white. They’re crafted with a rubber sole and a stretch canvas upper that gently clings to the foot but doesn’t exert too much pressure. Another feature found on this shoe is a bungee lacing system that’s easy to lace and isn’t so tight that the shoes can’t be slipped easily on or off.

2 Skechers Men’s Superior Milford Loafer

These shoes are designed with a soft fabric shoe line and a rubber sole that helps to absorb the impact of walking or running. These shoes also feature a rear heel pull-tab that makes pulling them on a snap. They are so comfortable to wear, they can be easily worn with or without socks. Made from a combination of 100% suede and woven soft mesh fabric, these shoes also easily flex with the wearer’s feet, which makes them one of the better men’s casual shoes available. And since they have a timeless appearance, they can be worn virtually anywhere and for any situation.

1 Laoks Men’s Mesh Wingtip Oxford Sneakers

These shoes are made with an upper material made from mesh, so they not only allow oxygen to get to the wearer’s feet but also gently flexes to prevent circulation from being restricted. They have a durable rubber sole that’s lightweight and acts like a shock absorber for the wearer’s feet. Another key feature found on this shoe is a removable insole that adds a little bit of extra cushion that helps protect the wearer against foot fatigue during long days. All of this simply means that these casual men’s shoes are perfect for running, walking, cycling or any other physical activity.

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